November’s 10 Questions

November’s 10 Questions- from Viva Carlos

1. Have you ever owned a horse? Yes, my mare, Crystal that I owned from age 11- 25, and my current horse, Mabou.
2. What is your favorite aspect of your discipline? I love the grace and elegance that is present when a horse and rider are really working in tune with each other.  They make it look so easy, yet we all know that it is far from easy!

3. What pet peeves do you have concerning your discipline? There are going to be issues in any discipline and any sport.  I hate to see any horses mistreated across the board, no matter which discipline they are part of.

4. Do you do barn chores? Basic ones, like sweeping up after myself and cleaning the wash stall after I use it.

5. What is your least favorite barn chore? Filling hay bales for the trailer!!  Hay gets EVERYWHERE.

6. What do you consider the worst vice in a horse? I can’t stand horses that bite.

7. What saddle brand is your favorite? I had a Tad Coffin for Crystal that I LOVED, but Mabou hated it so now my current favorite is my County, which feels like it was made for me (well I guess that’s good, since it was lol).

8. Do you ride with a quarter sheet in the winter? When it is very cold, yes, I think it keeps my horse more comfortable, and I like being able to put it over my legs during cool down.  Unfortunately for Mabou, I have a very nice quarter sheet that is embroidered in pink with “Ice Princess” (Crystal’s show name), and since it is so nice, he now gets to wear it!

9. Does your horse wear boots? What kind? Does he ever!  I have two pairs of front and hind Eskadrons, one is the standard flexisoft ones, the other is the memory foam, Leather Mondega front and hind boots, Thinline front and hind boots, Equifit front boots, Eskadron cross country front and hind boots, two pairs of the Beval pull-on bell boots and one pair of the Eskadron Velcro bell boots.

10. Full seat or knee patch breeches? Knee patch, I  used to wear full seat when I did more dressage but have no need for the extra grip now.

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