Motivate me Monday

As I sit here at work on this rainy cold Monday I am totally lacking in the motivation department! The forecast this week is just downright cruel (namely, in the 30’s and 20’s) and the lack of daylight is a major buzz kill!

Add in the fact that I now haven’t ridden Mabou in 10 days, and that makes one very bummed out me! As always, I have other horses I can ride but it’s not the same, and I certainly don’t feel like freezing to ride unless it’s to ride my own horse.

I tried the Back on Track wraps for one night before I went away, so I can’t really make a decision yet if they helped. Will try again more this week (but hopefully won’t have to!)



Since the ultrasound of his leg was clean, I am just waiting now for the leg to be 100% tight again. It is still a little bit puffy though, small enough that someone else would miss it, but enough that I notice it. At least he has been sound this whole time (knock on wood!) so it’s not bothering him.

We went on a bareback (with blanket) walk on the trail last night. I love that he hasn’t been ridden in over a week and I can still do that without worrying about him getting silly.

Fingers crossed I can ride my boy again this week!

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