Blanket Review: Centaur Turbo 3600

Although my horse already has two medium blankets (both very nice Pessoas) I found it necessary to purchase an additional one when the Centaur Turbo 3600 was for sale for a really good price.  I got the navy color and also purchased the matching neck cover.

IMG_8089 IMG_8088

I was attracted to this blanket because the outer shell is a whopping 3600D Genuine Ballistic Nylon.  My Rambos, Rhino and Pessoa blankets (which have lasted me very well) are all made of outer shells with denier in the 1000’s so this blanket must be pretty indestructible.

Right out of the bag the fabric feels heavy duty but still soft, it isn’t rough at all but you can tell that it will be hard to rip it.  It came with really nice elastic leg straps too.

I ordered it in size 78″, which is Mabou’s normal size and it fits really true to size.  He is on one of the smallest holes in front, which is normal for him because he is kind of narrow chested.  I like how high the neck is cut as well, which helps to fits him really nicely in the shoulder.


The front  buckles are really nice, I like when there is the clip so you are not fumbling with straps in the cold weather.


Another nice feature was a thick area of fleece at the top of the withers.  It probably extends back about 3 or 4 inches.


The neck cover was actually one of the nicest ones that I have.  Instead of velcro straps to attach it, it had really nice and easy to use clips that were attached to the neck cover with elastic.  This seems so much more comfortable when the horses put their heads down to graze or eat.


The neck cover was also generously cut and extended down over the shoulder a bit further than my other ones do.  I like that it overlaps the blanket more so there isn’t as much likelihood of getting drafts underneath it.


One thing to note is that my horse doesn’t have too thick of a neck and he was on the second to last buckle on the size large neck cover.  This may be tight on horses with very thick or chunky necks.


Now Mabou is ready for the chillier temperatures we are expecting in the next few days.  I may be quiet until Sunday because I leave today for sunny Florida- hooray!

IMG_8101 IMG_8100


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