The Great Hunter Pace Adventure- Part 2

Sunday the sun was shining and after the beginning of the day debacle, the day was wonderful!

huge fields with stone wall jumps
huge fields with stone wall jumps

This one is one of my very favorite paces.  There are so many fields and soooo soooo many jumps, all of which are stone walls, large logs, or coops.

stone wall
stone wall

Billy was very excited when we got there, but then he quickly settled.  He jumped everything I pointed him at and was very sensible through all the different footing we encountered.  I got tired galloping him in the fields, I now realize how spoiled I am by how easily Mabou eats up the fields with his effortless TB gallop.

so exciting!
so exciting!

We thought that there was a pace photographer, since there was a photographer stationed after one of the big stone walls, but after emailing the pace organizers today, I have found out that it was a private person, and not someone that we could purchase the photos from.  Bummer, so we have zero riding photos.


Our time ended up being one hour 24 minutes.  During the ribbons ceremony we found out that the optimal time for the hunt division was one hour 13 minutes, which put us squarely in 10th place.  Ehhh not too shabby, at least we had a lot of fun!  I bet if I had Mabou we would have made faster time!  Speaking of Mabou, he got a full spa treatment today and some extra love while I wait for his leg to go back to 100%

9 thoughts on “The Great Hunter Pace Adventure- Part 2

    1. You should, they are nothing but fun! They really lend themselves to everyone’s riding styles, some people like me who ride to win and some of my friends who enjoy taking it easy. None of the stress of showing and it is so good for the horse’s brains. has a list of all of them, there may be one in your area for the spring!


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