Rainy Weekend Post

I got the photo I ordered from the Sleepy Hollow pace- ta da!


I was wearing the JOTT (Just Over the Top) Vest for that pace that has seriously been part of my everyday fall wardrobe.  I can’t say enough good things about it!  Very thin and lightweight but SUPER warm!

This past week was very busy for me- work was crazy, hubby was on vacation so we spent a lot of time shopping for a new car for me (yay!), new kitchen cabinets, and new kitchen appliances.   I was also trying to fit in after-work outdoor arena rides before daylight savings strikes this weekend and the clocks get turned back and relegate me to indoor arena only rides.

Darkness is not my friend
Darkness is not my friend

Although I love the fall, this time of year is kinda depressing for me, after a summer of a lot of riding and progress the fall is more of a wind-down into winter where I don’t do much riding once it hits around 30 degrees.

Mabou has been great recently, we have not been working on anything new, just really keeping him in shape for hunting at this point.


To cope with all of the dreadfulness that is the colder weather, I have been doing some retail therapy (of course).  I ordered two more bridle charms, one is the evil eye (to protect us from evil) and one is a silver “M”. I also got two of the Essex Talent Yarn show shirts, which I haven’t tried on yet or obviously worn since I am not showing right now. A review of those will have to wait until the spring.

My favorite purchase that I made was a new show bridle!  I got a Bobby’s bridle with a fancy stitched wide padded noseband.  I love the look of the wide nosebands.


Right from the get-go, this bridle was buttery soft.  It barely even needed the oiling I gave it.  The padding is very soft and the stitching is impeccable.  I am really impressed, as it is nicer quality leather than some high end bridles I have seen.


I cannot wait to see how nice it looks on Mabou!  It also has the monocrown design for comfort, with a wide softly padded crown and padding around almost the entire noseband.


The matching reins are also super soft and flexible, and likewise felt great in my hands even before I gave them a coat of oil.


If you for a nice quality bridle at a good price point, I highly recommend the Bobby’s!  I can’t speak to the durability at this point yet, but my trainer has a flat Bobby’s hunt bridle that still looks great after years of being abused in the hunt field, so that is saying something!

7 thoughts on “Rainy Weekend Post

  1. Nice photos!!
    I hate this weather, too. UGH!!! I like the idea of using retail therapy to fix it ;).
    I had a Bobbys bridle that was awesome! Except Estella outgrew it before she even got to wear it ha ;(


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