Tis the Season: For Clipping

I was so stoked that it didn’t rain Friday I left work early and rushed to the barn!  I hadn’t ridden in 4 days (since last Sunday) due to non-stop rain this week.  It’s weeks like this which really make me appreciate my horse so much.  He can sit for days or weeks and I can still get on and have the same horse that I always have.  It is definitely something I treasure in my horses as I watch friends who are too scared to get on their horses after a few days off without lunging first.

who me?
who me?

I also decided on Friday to spontaneously clip my horse.  I knew I was going to clip him eventually… so what better time than the present.  Thank goodness, he is perfect to clip, he stands like a statue the entire time.

Here are the results:

Does this camera angle make my butt look big?
Does this camera angle make my butt look big?

I went with a low trace clip, which is what I did last year.  It’s enough that he doesn’t get too sweaty but there is enough hair left that I don’t have to worry about him getting cold or chilled when we are hacking out or hunting.



It also took me a lot less time than last year, I must be getting better!  Figuring out the lines and making sure both sides are even is usually what takes me the most time.

blue skies and new clip job
blue skies and new clip job

Now I want to reflect on one of my favorite things about this time of year- blankets and neck covers!

It is such a huge time saver keeping my horse fully blanketed.  His body stays so clean and smooth and only needs a quick brush before we ride.  No dried mud on my boy!




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