Blog Hop: Hand Gallop

Hand Gallop Asks: What do you do to stay fit to ride?

I used to be big into running, I did a lot of races, 10ks, half marathons, you name it, UNTIL I started working full time and realized that life after law school didn’t really have enough time to take long training runs.  I then did the whole kickboxing and spinning classes at the gym thing but they were a.) expensive and b.) not always at the best times for me.  Plus I would have to arrange my schedule to attend the class at it’s set time, which doesn’t allow much for flexibility, something I realized that I need.

What now works for me is 3 days a week of strength and endurance training and 2 days a week of Pilates (Note: this is what I AIM for, but sadly it doesn’t always happen).  I try to do the Pilates on the days that I ride, since after I get home from riding I am usually tired from a long day and not too eager to break a huge sweat.  My workouts are thirty minutes or less, and I have found that this is short enough that it is “do-able”, as thirty minutes is not intimidating at all and is over fairly quickly.

I have been doing the workouts from CrossTrain, a gym program run by a husband and wife team where you pay $19 a month and there is a new workout video uploaded every single day.  It keeps it interesting and fun.  I actually look forward to checking what the daily workout is each day.  And surprisingly, now that I spend the least amount of time working out that I ever have, I am easily in the best shape of my life and the smallest clothing size I have been since the end of high school.  Win-Win!

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