Let’s Discuss: Liniment

In the past, I have used So No More liniment on Mabou aka Mr. Princess and the Pea with no adverse effects.  However, over the weekend after the pace I tried to use Absorbine Veterinary Liniment, thinking it would feel nice after the pounding of all the rather hard carriage roads and rocky trails.  After I applied a tiny bit my sensitive horse nearly fell down he was so crazed trying to stomp both his front legs at the same time.  I guess he hates the tingly feeling?  All of the other horses like it.  I have the liniment gel but now I am afraid to try it.

They look so innocent…..

Has anyone else had this problem?  Is my horse just weird?!

6 thoughts on “Let’s Discuss: Liniment

    1. Emma, I was looking to try that one, I read online that it doesn’t have the tingly effect that a lot of other ones have. Have you tried the foam one?


    1. Heart of Hope, for what its worth, I used this exact liniment and liniment gel on my mare for years with no problems, so unless your horse is super sensitive like my TB, then you should be ok.


    1. Tracy, I have also used the Vetrolin one on my prior horse with no problems. I am going to chalk this up as my horse being an incredibly delicate flower! After I couldn’t use the liniment gel on Mabou, I actually ended up bringing it home and my husband has used it on his knees!! LOL


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