B&BS Blog Hop: Can’t Have Just One

Breeches & Boat Shoes asked:
What horsey things do you have that you can’t have JUST ONE of? From breeches, to bits, to bridles, I want to know what you hoard in the endless world of equestrian things.

There are so many things I can think of for this- but my #1 would have to be BREECHES! I am obsessed with Tailored Sportsman Trophy Hunter breeches. I have about 9 or 10 different colors right now but I want them all!  They fit me so well and they literally last forever (especially with the amount that I have they don’t get worn too much!)

need them all!


I am sure there are a lot more things I could add here- but for now, since I am at work, I will leave it at that!

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