Product Review: Ogilvy, Personally Preppy & My Barn Child

Today I got to apply my helmet monogram!  I got it from Personally Preppy.  The application was super easy, and it seems to have really stuck on there well. Only time will tell how durable it is. I really like how the shiny black looks on the matte black of my GPA.

I also put my charms from My Barn Child onto my bridles. After seeing these cute charms all over the place, I finally gave in and ordered one when they were running a promo for a free anchor charm with any charm order. I got a sapphire round ball and the anchor charm. They were easy to put onto my bridles and look really nice, I like the little extra bling that they give to my bridles.

Sapphire ball on the Vespucci
Sapphire ball on the Vespucci


I put the Anchor on my hunt and pace bridle hoping it will anchor my horse and keep him calm. Haha

Lastly, I finally gave in to the hype and ordered an Ogilvy baby pad. I ordered it from SmartPak and as usual, it arrived very quickly, even with the custom monogram. The hype is real… it did not disappoint!

I love the way that it is cut, it sits exactly perfect with no adjustment whatsoever.


It is also a great length, as I have found some of my other pads are not as long as I would like under the Ogilvy half pad. It didn’t move at all during my ride, I am sold! Now I can’t wait to get more!

After impatiently waiting most of the day for my digital print downloads to be emailed to me from the photographer website, I sent an email asking for the status and was informed that they will be emailed to me tomorrow! Can’t wait to share!

Last but not least- look how white my horse’s face looked today!!


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