Monogram Mania

Today when I got home I saw that some of my monogram stuff arrived!!!


I got this nice big horse one for my macbook


And then this also…


and then a helmet monogram


and to top it all off…. My Barn Child Charms

Soo shiny
Soo shiny

Can’t wait to put the helmet monogram on my helmet and the charms on Mabou’s bridles!!  We are going to be so fancy!  Now I am just waiting on all the iron-on monograms I got for my Trophy Hunters… I got so many pretty colors!!  (Can you tell I had a moment of weakness this past weekend when I gave in to the monogram temptation)

Anyway, moving on, I went to ride this evening and after being pleasantly surprised that the farrier already shod Mabou, this horror is what greeted me:


Why yes that is my horse, missing a huge piece of skin on his face.   How he did this in the time since I left the barn yesterday (approximately a 24 hour period), I have no idea.  I really really hope it heals somewhat so he doesn’t look so bad this weekend at the pace we are going to in Sleepy Hollow, NY.  (any suggestions and/or miracles?!)  Since his huge hole in his face is right where the noseband would go, we had to ride without.  Maybe he had flashbacks to his racing days.


Still waiting for the pictures from the pace last Sunday to go up on the photographer’s website.  I may have been compulsively checking all day…..

Lastly,  I finally made the decision on what to do regarding joint supplements for Mabou.  He started Legend yesterday.  He felt great today, and we’ll see how he feels this weekend at the pace.  Trainer started her horse on it as well a few weeks ago she said she feels a difference.   Ok, off to go harvest from my money tree now…

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