Hi Ho Hi Ho Hunter Pacing we go

The pace was GORGEOUS!! Saw so many houses that were breathtaking

Like this one
Like this one

Which overlooked this view:


and had this barn:


The trail itself was nice.. a little rocky in the start, but decent footing throughout with beautiful galloping fields and inviting jumps.  Somewhere along the way my horse threw a front shoe (UGHH).  In addition to all the logs, coops, and smaller stone walls, we jumped two 3’3″-3’6″ stone walls.  Jumping those made the day for me!  My horse felt great, he was a good boy whether leading or following.


We also jumped an enormous hedge that was near the finish line.  It was so big we went back on foot after the lunch just to check it out from the ground.


Just for reference the above person is only 5′

How wide that baby was!
How wide that baby was!

The best part is that the photographer was right at the hedge… so fingers crossed that the photo came out good!

Now for the one bad part- BRIDGES!!  There were so many damn bridges!!

We do not have bridges anywhere we ride… so needless to say our horses were not really fans of them and the noise that the wood bridges made when they walked over them.  There were at least 7-8 bridges and at each one I had to DISMOUNT off of my horse and lead him over the bridge so the other horse would follow.  My horse would follow me through anything, as long as he saw me go through first without dying.  At one very long bridge over running water my teammate’s horse wouldn’t even follow Mabou over the bridge so she had to dismount as well and lead him over.  Which turned out to be a blessing in disguise because while we were off the trail finding something for her to stand on to re-mount, a loose horse came barreling up the trail past us.  Lucky break!!!

The bridge fiascos made us come in with a total time of 1 hour 23 minutes.  The optimal time was 1 hour 10 minutes.  So we were not in the ribbons!  But it was a great day all the same.  The photographer took photos at a few different jumps and I cannot wait to see them, I will post the ones I purchase!

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