Sunset Ride

Today I gave Mabou off since we had a lesson yesterday.  I was STOKED when trainer asked me to ride her  horse for some conditioning.


Her horse was at a huge AA Barn and showed and won all over the place at big shows in the children’s and junior hunters…. until he promptly got burned out and would rear when he walked through the in gate.  So trainer got him, turned him out for a bit to let him be a horse, and he has been a fox hunt horse ever since, with no real riding in the ring other than cantering to condition, which he LOVES.  He is MY FAVORITE horse to ride other than mine.  His gaits are literally like silk.  I think I could eat a bowl of soup while he is trotting.  He also is so naturally uphill and balanced it is the best feeling in the world to hand gallop him around.  As soon as you sit in the saddle he shortens his stride, and all it takes for a lead change is to put your weight into one seat bone and voila, beautiful lead change.  (which is a problem when people who are loose ride him, because they get accidental changes all over the ring hah)  The sunset was gorgeous… what a great end to my Thursday!

sunset view
sunset view

Tomorrow is Friday woohoo then we get a three day weekend!  Thanks Columbus!

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