Bridle Fever


Went for a nice light trail ride last night, since Mabou got his shots on Monday.  He was excellent, really listening and shortening/lengthening his stride as I asked.  I even threw in a few halt transitions too just to make sure he was paying attention.  Of course, since it was dusk we saw a nice variety of deer and turkeys, but he doesn’t care much about such things.


I am seriously getting depressed about how dark it is getting…. soon I will only have Saturday and Sunday to ride in the daylight.

Daylight don’t leave me

This is how dark it was at 7pm on the way back from my trail ride (that’s right you CAN’T SEE ANYTHING) ughhhhh


I was looking in my tack locker today and reflected on the fact that I like to have a bridle set up for each bit that I ride in… so I never have to change bits, I can just grab and go.

Bridles Galore
Bridles Galore

I have my everyday rubber D ring set up on my favorite bridle (the Vespucci), a bridle for hunting with the rubber gag, and another bridle for the rubber pelham.  (can you see the rubber theme going on here?!)  Am I lazy or does everyone do this?!  Not lazy…. I prefer organized!

I am seriously looking at a few new bridles with an eye towards Christmas…. a new show bridle for next season would be lovely.  In a month or so I’ll have to do a post of my extensive Christmas list, so I have a good excuse to drool over everything I want.

Lastly, here is a photo of our ROOTD!  Charcoal TS with black Ogilvy and Lettia pad.  The ONE good thing about the seasonal change is that I am getting my chocolate color horse back, instead of my bleached out brown one.


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