O.M.G.- the forecast for tomorrow is 80% chance of rain and thunderstorms!!!  HOLY MOLEY is that going to suck if we have to ride the hunter pace in the rain (and the resulting muddy slippery footing)  WAHHHH fingers are crossed that I wake up and there is no rain on the forecast anymore!


Pony was wonderful today, I rode with the rubber gag to test it out before tomorrow.  Predictably, due to our recent discovery of his love for all bits with rubber, he was wonderful.  I rode with the snaffle rein and the gag rein loose, but it makes me feel better that I have that gag rain for an OH SHIT moment if he gets too happy galloping in the fields.  Farrier also came and fixed his shoes…. so we are all ready to go if not for the rain!

That will be me if it is pouring tomorrow and my new saddle is getting wet.

Goodnight!!! Fingers crossed for NO RAIN


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