Rubber D Ring for the Win!

So after the great success of the rubber pelham on Tuesday, I decided to try a rubber d ring snaffle today and WOW what a horse I had.  I think his neck lengthened at least four inches!  He really wasn’t afraid to reach his neck out and he was like butter in my hands.  Who would have thought I needed less bit for a slower steadier horse?!  I am stoked, because my goal has always been to show in the hunters but he was a little too quick.  Maybe next summer that won’t be too outrageous of a goal now that I discovered how happy and relaxed he is in the rubber bits!  Here’s some pics, we were stylin’ today.  TS breeches color is french blue btw.



Of course everything can’t be perfect…. he had a loose nail in his right front. WOMP WOMP WOMP.  I texted my farrier and he said he will come tomorrow or saturday.. thank goodness because we have the pace Sunday!

bad nail
bad nail

Horsie wore his Eskadron memo foam boots today… he has an extensive Eskadron wardrobe.  But what’s not to love, it always looks nice and wears like iron!  Eskadron is hands down my favorite brand for boots, and their bell boots are the only ones that have lasted me and not been shredded.



Now I am watching the Central Park horse show on tv and snuggling with my baby

how cute is he
how cute is he

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