Weekend Recap

Saturday I got a good flat school in early…. worked on a lot of bending and moving off of my inside leg.  I have found (through trial and error) that if I weight my outside seat bone and almost step toward the direction I want him to leg yield he will move right over with light inside leg pressure.  So that’s getting better…. Want to keep building strength to use for nice easy lead changes.

Then Sunday I went for a super long trail ride in the hackamore again.


We went for a long gallop in the field, where he gave me a small taste of his speed (He was a graded stakes winner in his former career).  We were going so fast I felt like I couldn’t even breathe… then we hit the end of the field and I realized how awesome that was so I turned around and we did it again!  He even came back pretty well from the dead gallop in the hackmore too, what a good boy!

Wish we could gallop across the sod farm
Wish we could gallop across the sod farm

I have been obsessed with bits lately, I just feel like I haven’t found the “right” bit yet for jumping.  Horsie goes pretty happily in the Myler Level 3 Mouthpiece with the hooks, which is supposed to be a pretty mild mouthpiece with the tongue relief.

But I can’t help thinking there is something better out there.  Like I will know when I ride with *THE ONE* and sparks will fly or something.  Am I crazy? maybe.  Horsie hunts in a double jointed gag.  We used to hunt in his regular bit, which stopped immediately once we were on the last run of a hunt across a huge grass field and I had ZERO brakes.  I then proceeded to ride on my trainer’s horse’s ass, using him as a brake while screaming to my trainer to HELP ME PLEASE.  (Not my proudest moment)  I like the gag because it’s a mild snaffle mouthpiece when I leave him alone, but I have something to make him listen to me if I ever need it.  So now I just want to find something that I can jump in the ring with that he stays quiet, because I think the gag is too strong for that.  Going to try a rubber pelham tomorrow, I will report back!

In other news, broke out the Black Forest Green Tailored Sportsmans yesterday, it’s officially fall!



I also got a new helmet…. the Charles Owen Wellington Professional.  I justified this because of course in the winter my head will get too cold in the GPA Speed Air… right?!

Had to have it


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