LOVING this fall weather


So I haven’t posted in a while, I have been busy being outside enjoying the weather that feels like my favorite season, FALL, going wine tasting and working working working!

Beautiful Pindor Vineyard
Beautiful Pindor Vineyard

Also, my horse has been AMAZING and I can’t get enough of galloping around fields with the crisp breeze blowing on us!!

Have been getting in as many trail rides solo and with friends that I possibly can before the dreaded daylight savings relegates my trail adventures to weekends only….. womp womp womp.

IMG_7224 IMG_6782

I liked this shot
Handsome boy
Handsome boy

So work has been nuts- not the most fun.  I want more riding time, but I need to work to be able to afford my horse for riding time.  It’s hard being an adult.



In other news, the puppy got groomed.  My mom took him for me while I was working, thanks mom!!



I seriously cannot wait for hunt season to start again.  I have been going through all my hunt clothes, making sure I have everything that I need (and don’t need), drooling online at new hunt attire that I most certainly do not need, and just generally getting excited!

Hunting last season
Hunting last season

Opening cubbing (hunting pre-season) starts next Wednesday (while I work of course) but next Sunday we are going to Massachusetts for a hunter pace!  I have never been to this one but trainer says there are a lot of huge stone wall jumps!  Score!

Hunter pacing last fall
More Hunter Pacing last year
More Hunter Pacing last year


In other news, I had a lesson in which I got a photo, which is rare! (I begged trainer to take it)  I used to beg mom and/or hubby to come to lessons and take photos for me but they got bored of that rather quickly.

Not perfect photo but I’ll take it!


Lastly, I have been seriously considering putting the horse on some kind of joint care program, since he is 11, works fairly hard and hunt season isn’t easy on him.  My mare was on Adequan, so considering that but also I have looked into Legend.


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