Lazy Weekend Post

So super horse has been awesome lately!  Friday did a lot of walk-canter transitions, he feels so light and is getting so much stronger in his hind end.  What a good boy!

Having a lazy day today with the pup… so what better thing to do then to curate my wish list of items that I need.  (Ok this is a lie I have so much stuff I need more horse items like I need a hole in the head)


1. Ariat Challenge Field Boots in Cognac

they are such a rich brown color and the square toe is to die for!  Justification for these: I can wear them during cubbing season and during Wednesday hunts in regular fox hunting season (disregard that I actually have to work and I cannot hunt wednesdays)  PLUS they would look amazing with my rust TS and dark forest green TS.


2.  The following TS colors to add to my collection: (because I must have all the colors obviously)

smokey pearl


3.  Roeckl Chester Gloves in Camel (to go with my cognac boots of course!)


4. Arc de Triomphe Tribute bridle

Why do I need this you say? Because my horse goes in a figure 8 you say?  BUT IT’S SO PRETTY


5. Arc De Triomphe Imperial Figure 8 Bridle

I want a figure 8 without fleece to use for fox hunting so his doesn’t get gross going through woods and rough conditions.  So this may be the one item on this list i really need  wait i need everything.


6. Custom Wool Dress Sheet from The Clothes Horse

so gorgeous!


7. Equifit T Foam Hunter Girth

So pretty and squishy (i admired this at Beval just last weekend)


8. Ogilvy baby pads 

they just look so nice!


Not such a huge list right?  My bday is coming up next week…..


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