Sunday Funday

Sunday was another beautiful trail ride day (gotta get it in now before the nasty Northeast winter hits #polarvortexFML)


I thought it would be buggy so I rummaged in my tack trunk and found a black fly bonnet I forgot I had!  Win for being a tack hoarder!!

Fly Bonnet handsomeness

Mabou was perfect… we actually ended up staying out for over 2 hours!  Hey time flies when you’re having fun.

We went through some cool areas with ferns that seriously looked straight out of Jurassic Park.



And some weird vine things

belly deep in ??
belly deep in ??

Then we got back and I scrubbed the hell out of his legs (who knows what we walked through?!) with Dawn, the one with Olay (of course for soft hands).

Then I took handsome bath time photos.

IMG_6907 IMG_6908

After all that I was exhausted so even though it was about 4 pm I went home and snuggled with my little baby

Sleepy little puppy
Sleepy little puppy


I used Mabou’s new Eskadron Cross-Country rear boots to test them out… and they did awesome, through mud water, brush you name it… still looked perfect at the end.  Two thumbs up

CONFESSION:  I couldn’t resist and ordered the TS Trophy Hunter in Black Forest today…. they started being sold out places and I panicked.  Sorry I’m not really sorry.  Can’t wait to get them.  Now my lust for cognac tall boots is only stronger!  So many problems when you’re obsessed with breeches and tack!


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